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10 Desk Exercises for a Workday Boost

You are unique and so is your body! Before starting any new health routine, always be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure it is right for your needs.

Sometimes an office job is fast-paced and sometimes you might feel like you’re going to fall asleep at your desk. So for those times when you need a burst of energy, here are workouts that can be done at the office – some even at your desk! 

  1. Tricep Curls: No equipment? No worries! Get creative by filling two water bottles with water. This lightweight exercise will wake up your arms and perhaps even your mind.
  2. Seated Toe Touch: While in your chair, reach your arms as high as you can, stretching the spine long. Then, swan dive your arms down and reach for your toes, touching them if you can.
  3. Calf Raises: In a standing position, hold onto your chair or desk for support. Then slowly raise your feet up until you are standing on your toes. Feel the stretch and strength in the calves. Slowly come back down and repeat until you feel the burn in your calves.
  4. Side Lunges: Standing with your feet together, step one leg out to the side and bend the knee, holding onto your desk or chair for support if needed. Be sure that your other leg is completely straight. Switch legs and repeat until you feel your legs working.
  5. Stair Steps: Does your office have stairs? If so, walk or jog up and down them a few times to get the heart pumping.
  6. Squats: Standing just in front of your chair with your legs slightly more than shoulder width apart, bend at the knees. Keeping the back neutral, lower yourself down until you just barely touch the chair and then slowly raise yourself back to standing.
  7. Elevated Push Ups: Moving your chair out of the way, place your hands shoulder width apart on the edge of your desk. Move your feet back until you are leaning on your hands over your desk, at a roughly 45 degree angle. Welcome to your elevated push up! Do as many reps as your arms need.
  8. Jumping Jacks: A little burst of cardio will wake you up and help you get your focus back!
  9.  Overhead Tricep Extensions: Time to grab that heavy employee handbook! Starting in a standing position, grab a small, weighted item with both hands and carefully hold overhead. Slowly, lower your hands down toward your head, while keeping your elbows pointed upward, feeling a stretch in your triceps. Once you’ve gone as far as you can comfortably go, slowly raise your hands back up overhead and squeeze your triceps.
  10. Standing Toe Touch: Now that your workout is complete, take a bow! Raise your arms above your head and stretch toward the ceiling, maybe leaning slightly to both sides to give your sides a stretch. Then, tilt forward at the waist letting your arms swan dive down to reach for your toes. Go as far down as you comfortably can and stay here for a few seconds, feeling your body release tension. Repeat as often as you like, and soon you just might be touching your toes! 

Let Us Help You Embrace the Journey

At Baer-Fit, our certified trainers work closely with you to understand your unique fitness goals and design customized workout and meal plans to get you there. Not only do we provide you with the roadmap to get you where you want to go, but we are with you each step of the way, holding you accountable and celebrating all the milestones. 

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