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Too Busy to Work Out? Here are 5 Ways to Move More

You are unique and so is your body! Before starting any new health routine, always be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure it is right for your needs.

These days, our schedules seem to just get busier and busier. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find time to take care of our bodies! When your schedule gets busy is when you need the benefits of exercise the most. Taking care of your body through movement does not have to be an all or nothing approach. Anything you can do is better than nothing! Here are some easy ways to sneak extra movement into your day.

Walk and Talk

For those of us with office jobs, we can often get pulled into days jam packed with long meetings. This means that we are sitting for long periods through our day. One way to combat this is the walk-and-talk. When you can, see if the person you are meeting with is open to taking a stroll while you brainstorm ideas to increase sales. Sometimes, moving while you are problem solving can help get the creative juices flowing while also getting you moving!

Take the Stairs

Whether you are at the mall or at work, there are often opportunities in our day to go the “path less convenient” and challenge ourselves a little more. You can even begin to compete with yourself. Can you go up the stairs faster? Can you do two at a time? Can you do an extra lap around the cubicles to get some steps in? 

Set a Timer on Your Phone

Give yourself movement breaks throughout your day, especially when you have open blocks of time where you plan to get some serious work done that requires a lot of mental energy. Not only will this help ensure you get more exercise into your day, it will also give you a much-needed break that will refresh your mind and help you stay focused and productive all day long.

Throw a Dance Party

There’s nothing like the freedom and joy of dancing! Whether it’s first thing in the morning while you’re brushing your teeth or at the end of the night while you’re cleaning up the kitchen, a dance break is a quick and fun way to get your heart pumping while waking up your body or shaking off the stress of the day.

Park Far Away

Whether you’re meeting friends for dinner or heading into the grocery store, you can easily get some extra steps in by parking farther away from the store. And the upside is, since most people are trying to park as close as possible, you will most likely have lots of parking spaces to choose from! 

Let Us Help You Embrace the Journey

At Baer-Fit, our certified trainers work closely with you to understand your unique fitness goals and design customized workout and meal plans to get you there. Not only do we provide you with the roadmap to get you where you want to go, but we are with you each step of the way, holding you accountable and celebrating all the milestones. 

To learn more, visit our Contact page and send us a message! We can’t wait to learn more about you.